Salt Spa Testimonials

"I use the Salt Spa to prepare for singing competitions. Allergies often get in the way of performing and it can hurt my chances in a competition. I heard about Traditional Health Clinic & Salt Spa from a friend and since then it has been very helpful to get ready for upcoming performances. I would recommend this to anyone." Robert H.

"I have been going to the Salt Spa at the Traditional Health Clinic for over two years. For my initial visit, I really just went to check the place out and see what this new thing was all about. I didn’t think I was congested, but about 10 minutes into the session, I began sneezing and needing to blow my nose! For the rest of that day, I noticed a clear feeling in my lungs, an ability to take deeper breaths, and I felt like I was getting more oxygen into my body. After that, I started going as often as I could, more when I I felt like I was fighting either an upper or lower respiratory infection or if my allergies were bothering me. That first winter, I successfully made it through the season without getting sick! This past fall, I was not as attentive and ended up getting sick and missing a few days in my office. What I’ve come to realize is that the benefits of salt therapy work best for me when I go consistently. I find the Salt Spa at the Traditional Health Clinic so relaxing and meditative that my goal is to go once a week, but I make sure that I go a minimum of once a month. I still go more frequently and/or do multiple sessions back-to-back when I’m feeling health challenged. I have referred many clients, friends and family for the benefits of salt therapy. One couple visiting from out of state was so impressed with their results after one session that they went home and proceeded to open a salt spa where they live. I’m glad that East Tennessee is fortunate enough to have a salt spa here, especially given our poor air quality and high pollen counts in both the spring and fall. It’s an added bonus that the owners and staff of the Traditional Health Clinic are so friendly and helpful." Natalie K.

"I arrived in Knoxville with terrible sinus pressure and I needed to be in rehearsals and singing within a day. As an Opera singer, it is very important to take a holistic approach to my vocal health. The Salt Spa had me in tip-top shape without medication in a matter of days!" Talise T.

"Last Christmas I had a terrible sinus infection and I have been having them almost every winter for 10 years. After 2 rounds of antibiotics, someone told me about the Salt Spa. After about 1 week, I started seeing results and now I’ve been coming regularly since September to try to prevent the need to take antibiotics." Dorothy S.

"I usually have respiratory flare-ups in August and end up on antibiotics and steroids. So far this August I have had no respiratory problems! I credit the Salt Spa for this." Susan M.

“I became aware of the Salt Spa after my Allergy/Immunology doctor referred me for treatments. I was very sick and was not progressing with treatment despite the antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. She suggested the Salt Spa as an additional treatment. I am a nurse and have always found the simple treatments seem to work the best. After one visit, I felt a difference in my breathing. My lungs seem to open up and I started coughing and moving the congestion in my chest. I continued with my treatments for the next week and day by day just felt better! In the past, it has taken sometimes months for me to get better after a serious infection. After the first month I went to my allergy/asthma doctor and she asked, "Whose lungs are these?" The Salt Spa is amazing! I have made it part of my respiratory hygiene regimen, and I spend less on medication co-pays now so the Salt Spa pays for itself! Thanks to all the staff for your support and encouragement.” Vicki F.

"I heard about the Salt Spa from a friend. I have suffered from asthma, allergies, reactive airway disorder since childhood (I’m 58 years old). After my first treatment, I was able to breathe more easily with far less wheezing and chest tightness. Also, ever since I can remember, I have always had very sensitive, reactive skin. After the 1st session, a rash on my face was improved, and the skin blisters (caused by the dermatologist freezing pre-cancerous skin lesions earlier in the day) were already healing! That had never happened before – in the past 18 years of having pre-cancerous lesions frozen, the blisters lasted 2 to 3 weeks. I am so grateful for the Salt Spa." Lauren H.

"Loved the Salt Spa not only for allergy/cough relief, but also loved how relaxing the experience was." Tami T.

"I was pleased with our first visit to the Salt Spa today! My son has minor asthma. He had an increased reading on his peak flow meter due to the benefits of the salt spa! Before the treatment his meter read 170 and after the treatment he was able to breathe the meter up to 200!" Kristi C.

"I went to the Salt Spa because I was fighting a chest cold. After just two sessions my chest felt less tight and I think it helped me keep my bronchitis from becoming pneumonia. I love the salt spa and plan to use it to combat my multiple spring allergies!" Beverly W.

"I visited 2 days in a row around Christmas, and I got well from bronchitis. The doctor had already given me an antibiotic, but I told her I wanted to try the Salt Spa treatment first. I got well with two treatments and did not go on any medication. I have now had this happen two different times and no medication!!! Thanks!!" Carolyn S.

"I enjoyed it very much. After the session i noticed the movement in my sinuses and think with other sessions i will lose my head aches." Eddie R.

"My husband bought me a package at Salt Spa after I tried it with a friend. I went in yesterday since I have a sinus infection at the moment and I was amazed how much better I felt afterwards. Will go tomorrow!" - Sharon G.

"Very relaxing session. I could tell from the salt on the back of my pants afterwards that I got what I paid for! Could feel the therapeutic effects afterwards as well." - Amy F.

"My sinus problem was much better after being in the salt spa two times." - Phyllis R.

"The Salt Spa has helped me avoid sinus infections and I've recommended it to co-workers and friends who also suffer from allergies and received good feedback from them." - Vivian

"During the fall and spring I frequently attend salt therapy sessions. I find that it helps minimize my allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. The salt spa allows my respiratory system to renew and repair. It is an isolated chamber of health amidst my problematic allergies in Knoxville, TN." - Joe S.

"For a few months my sinuses have been clogged. I didn't realize it was sinuses until I went to my doctor. I thought I was having ear problems. My ear (right) was ringing so loudly. I couldn't hear people talking to me or anything happening around. It had gotten so bad that I was getting headaches and feeling dizzy. My doctor confirmed it was my sinuses causing all of this and prescribed a steroid nasal spray. I knew that I didn't want to go that route and I remembered the salt spa. Within three sessions (and daily use of the xylitol nose spray) my sinuses are draining and the ringing has gone away. After the first session I felt the drainage starting and felt immediate relief. The pressure is gone in my head and no more dizziness. I am so thankful to the the salt spa for and effective alternative that provides healing and relaxation." - Wendy S.

"After a period of frequent salt spa sessions last fall, I visited my pulmonolgist. I had a greatly improved pulmonary function test." "I am off Singulair completely and am doing fine." - Janet M.

"I joined a group for a 20+ mile bike ride, first of the season. I was so pleased that I had more energy and lung capacity than last year. [This was] after about 10 salt sessions." - Lynne A.

"Before the salt spa I had terrible noesbleeds. The salt therapy has reduced the number and severity of these bleeds. Now if there is a nosebleed, it is easily stopped. I highly suggest that anyone with similar problems give the salt spa a chance to help." - Donald N.

"We read about the salt rooms online and traveled from Nashville, TN to try it. We have children diagnosed with respiratory problems and have seen improvement with the salt room treatments. They all have better lung capacity now. We want one!" - Diane M.

"The staff was friendly and welcoming. The salt spa did wonders for my toddler and myself. Love it!" anonymous



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