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Traditional Health Clinic recommendations and therapies differ from those of conventional medicine. Our goal is to help you restore and maintain vibrant health by investigating and treating causes of illness, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.


We provide a true systems-based approach to healthcare. We integrate the energetic (energy-based) approaches of the ancient medical systems of the Far East (Traditional Chinese Medicine, i.e. TCM) and India (Ayurveda) with the modern, science-based medical approach called Functional Medicine.

The energy-based healthcare systems of the East have successfully treated all manner of health concerns for thousands of years. These ancient systems strive to restore and maintain health by regulating the flow of vital energy in the body through various techniques and therapies.

The most famous therapy of the oriental healing arts is the practice of acupuncture. This therapy is used to treat virtually any health problem by regulating the circulation of vital energy and fluids. Herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle recommendations are also used to restore and maintain optimal health.

Functional medicine adds a valuable dimension to the treatment of modern conditions through the understanding of nutrition and it's importance in health recovery and maintenance. High quality, professional grade dietary supplements are available at the clinic and through our retail program.

Lab testing is invaluable in guiding investigation & appropriate dietary and nutritional supplementation. Many types of tests are now available on the retail market that can be used to reveal imbalances and to track individual progress. Learn how to have testing done using resources available on the world-wide web.

This combination of ancient and modern holistic medical systems, a "best of the East and West" approach, is available in this area only at Traditional Health Clinic.

Our approach:

  • regulates vital energy to restore balance and get healthy
  • can provide dramatic and lasting pain relief
  • provides relief from symptoms by addressing the causes
  • reduces risk and prevents future health problems
  • complements conventional / primary medical care
  • investigates the root causes of your health concerns
  • saves time and money in the long run by efficiently identifying root causes of bio-chemical deficiencies and metabolic imbalances in the body
  • helps you understand the inter-relationship of your body's systems provides access to knowledge and wisdom of traditional systems-based medical models from a highly trained and experienced practitioner
  • provides a comprehensive and integrative interpretation of your medical history and records
  • provides comprehensive lifestyle recommendations (diet, exercise, supplements) combining ancient and modern approaches

We offer two different ways for our patients to become involved with our clinic. Both have the same goal and utilize the same principles and practices.

The Basic Intake is our introduction to our style of healthcare. Most patients begin their experience at our clinic with the Basic Intake.

The Advanced Intake is recommended for those who have a more intense interest and are very motivated to participate in their healing process. The Advanced Intake is the best choice for those who suffer from chronic, multifactorial health issues that have not been effectively treated by the conventional medical system.

The Advanced Intake is best suited for those who want to or may feel a greater sense of urgency to dig deeply into investigating and treating their health concerns using a more aggressive approach. This approach includes the modalities of Oriental and Ayurvedic medicine, but emphasizes the modern, science-based medical approach from the West called Functional Medicine. It utilizes lab testing and other modern methods to understand and treat toxicity, nutrient deficiencies and imbalances that may be impacting health.

  • You can choose either intake based on your personal needs and desires. If you are not sure how to choose between these two types of intake appointments, we recommend starting with the Basic Intake (less expensive and less paperwork) OR book a Meet 'n Greet Consultation with our practitioner who can help you determine which intake best meets your personal needs.

BASIC Intake - 120 minutes - $250

ADVANCED Intake - 120 minutes - $400

  • Q: Why is this appointment more expensive than the BASIC Intake?
  • A: You provide much more information about yourself and your health history (more paperwork). More information is needed to effectively help patients with modern, chronic, multifactorial health problems. Any information you can provide about your health history (going back as far as possible) is very helpful to our practitioner. Upon receiving your medical records, he will take the time to organize your records and make his preliminary assessment and recommendations - prior to your first appointment.
  • A: You provide copies of your entire health history and medical records at least one week in advance of your Advanced Intake appointment. This allows our practitioner to carefully review your materials in preparation for your first appointment.

NOTE: Any patient is welcome to fill out the ADVANCED Intake paperwork and pay only the BASIC Intake fee ($250) - but our practitioner will NOT take time to review medical records in advance of your BASIC Intake appointment. You are encouraged to bring any and all medical records for his review, but he may not be able to review these records as part of your intake appointment.

MEET 'N GREET Consultation - 20 minutes - $50*

This 20-minute consultation with our practitioner is designed to help you better understand our services and determine which intake is best suited for you. This consultation is not necessary for those who are clear about which intake they prefer.

*A $25 discount will be applied to the Intake Appointment of choice.



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