Salt Spa Etiquette


  • All Salt Spa clients must fill out an intake form and receive an orientation prior to attending their first salt therapy session.
  • The spa is for non-smokers only. Salt Spa clients must not have smoked for at least two weeks prior to attending salt therapy sessions in our facility. This policy is in place to prevent exposing other clients to third-hand smoke.
  • You are responsible for your personal items. We do have personal cubbies, but they do not lock. We suggest that you leave all personal items in your car as we will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing - salt dust is harmless and can be brushed off and/or washed out of clothing.
  • Please sign in when you arrive for your sessions.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your session start time to prepare (use restroom, store belongings, adjust clothing and footwear, find reading materials, secure your spa seat, etc.).
  • Adult sessions begin promptly on the hour. Children's sessions begin promptly on the half hour. Once a session has begun, we discourage clients from entering the salt rooms so as not to disturb seated clients. Late comers will be booked in the next available session.
  • Use of the Salt Spa must be avoided during the acute or contagious phase of any illness, including colds, flu, infections with a fever, acute active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, COPD in 3rd stage, spitting of blood, alcohol or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension and acute stages of respiratory diseases.
  • Clean socks or footware are required in the salt rooms at all times. No bare feet are allowed!
  • Foot covers are required (and provided) in the Kid's Salt Room. Foot covers are optional in the Adult Salt Room and are available upon request.
  • In order to maintain a spa environment we suggest that you use your time in the room to read, sleep or meditate.  You may bring the following items: book, magazine (no perfumed ads), tissues, ear plugs, small head pillow, light blanket, or a small towel to cough into if needed.  Reading lights are available upon request.  No other items are allowed in the spa. If you have a personal need that is not on this list please speak to a Salt Spa attendant.
  • The salt rooms are electronic free zones.  Kindly turn off your devices and leave in your car or in your cubby (at your own risk.)
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the salt rooms.  
  • Thank you for understanding that you may experience a symphony of sounds coming from other clients during salt therapy sessions.  Please do your best to associate and accept these sounds as signs of healing! Feel free to bring earplugs or ask for a complimentary pair from our staff.  

In Consideration of Others:

  • Unless there is an emergency, please do not leave the salt room while a session is in progress.
  • Please keep voices low in the entrance hallway and please refrain from talking inside the adult salt room.
  • Do not use any perfumes, lotions, or any kinds of fragrances when you attend a session.
  • If you experience excessive coughing, kindly cough into a towel to help muffle the sound.
  • If you are prone to excessive snoring, we encourage you to sit more upright, try to stay awake, and take deeper breaths during your treatments.  This will help to reduce snoring.
  • Please refrainfrom shuffling papers while in session.
  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to make it to a scheduled salt therapy session.

Additional Etiquette for the Kid’s Salt Room

  • Children 12 and under must have an adult guardian present at all times while in the Kid's Salt Room.
  • Each adult guardian must fill out an intake form and receive an orientation.
  • Foot covers must be worn at all times in the Kid's room, with the exception of infants. Foot covers are supplied by the Salt Spa - please keep foot covers with you between sessions and bring them to each salt session. Please use your foot covers for as long as possible before requesting a new set.
  • Use inside voices both inside the salt room and in the hallway.
  • Please play with the salt, but please do not throw it.
  • Please clean up toys/books at the end of your session.



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