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"Drug-Free Respiratory Treatment Spa"

Service Descriptions 

Adult Salt Room:  Breathe in the dry salt air while resting in a reclining chair and listening to soft music.  Sessions start on the hour.  Maximum five adults per session.  

Kids Salt Room: Kids play on the salt floor with toys (provided) as parents rest on a comfy bench.  Sessions start on the half hour.  Typically, one or two families use the room at a time.  



Only Adult Salt Room sessions can be booked online

To book online click HERE for desktop users, and for mobile users, download the MINDBODY app.

All Salt Spa clients must have purchased either a package of sessions or a contract to be able to set up an online account and book salt sessions online. 

We do not allow clients to book Kid's room sessions online - these sessions must be booked by our staff in advance. 

If you do not have a package / contract or you want to book Kid's room sessions, please call us directly to schedule your salt sessions.

(865) 588-1755


  • First Salt Session ONLY $10 per person or child
  • Single Salt Session $30 (stand alone price - outside of packages/contracts)

  • Packages and contracts are assigned to a child who is coming for salt therapy.
  • All children in the Kid's salt room must be supervised by an adult at all times. There is no charge for the child's supervising adult - they have a free salt session! Additional adults may attend for $10.00/session. 
  • If a salt client brings more than one child for salt therapy, there is an additional fee of $5.00 per child. 


For clients who want to use individual sessions flexibly with the option to share with others.

  •   6 sessions: $135    [ = $22.50/session ]
  • 12 sessions: $225    [ = $18.75/session ]
  • 24 sessions: $385    [ = $16.04/session ]

use one at a time - can share with others -​expires in 12 months from date of purchase

2 Week Package

For clients who want to aggressively treat a cold or sinus infection and also for those who want to get a jump start on controlling their allergies. It is highly recommended that you can commit to at least 7-10 sessions over the two week period of this package. 

2 Week Package: $160     [ = as low as $8 ]

Cannot be shared

Maximum of 2 sessions per day. Package ends 14 days after the activation date.



For clients who want to experience more sessions within set time periods.

Examples below (4 sessions/week) show cost per session for each person on contract.

More sessions/week translate to lower cost per session.

  • Single                                          Per Session Cost/Person
    •   2 months: $200/month     [4 sessions/week = $12.50/session]
    •   6 months: $180/month     [4 sessions/week = $11.25/session]
    • 12 months: $120/month     [4 sessions/week = $7.50/session]
  • Couples (2 people living in the same household)
    •   2 months: $260/month     [4 sessions/week = $8.13/session]
    •   6 months: $220/month     [4 sessions/week = $6.88/session]
    • 12 months: $160/month     [4 sessions/week = $5.00/session]
  • Family of 4
    •   2 months: $300/month     [4 sessions/week = $4.69/session]
    •   6 months: $260/month     [4 sessions/week = $4.06/session]
    • 12 months: $200/month     [4 sessions/week = $3.13/session]

unlimited sessions - no sharing - expires at end of package period

NOTE: Maximum of two (2) back-to-back sessions/day (when available)


New clients to the Salt Spa must attend an Orientation prior to experiencing their first salt therapy session. As part of the Orientation, all new clients also need to complete a simple Intake Form.

Please call US to schedule your Orientation:

(865) 588-1755  

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